December 17th 2022 at Helen’s dance

104 Av. Victor Hugo, 1750 Luxembourg


Unentwegt machen wir Wellen
als ginge es um nichts anderes
als ständig unseren Kopf
über Wasser zu halten.

Dabei hätten wir eigentlich
gar keinen Anlass zur Sorge
würden wir einmal innehalten
und dem Leben auf den Grund sehen.
Gerhard Feil

Pause is an alive and receptive state where our larger outer physical movements cease and we can become aware of subtler physical, emotional, mind, or soul states.
It is different than a stop. To stop infers to end or cut something off. In pause we simply quiet our movement so we can turn our attention to energy and vibration.

When we are physically very active, a mindful pause allows us to notice what body part is particularly tense or fragile. We can avoid injuries.
When we are overwhelmed, a mindful pause can help us to name our emotion and track it as a movement of energy in our body.
When we are busy in our mind with plenty of ideas and « to do lists » a mindful pause allows us to sort out what is really important and what needs attention here and now.
And, a mindful pause allows us to quiet and listen to our soul. Soul is a whisperer: if we can’t quiet us enough, we can’t hear it…
Pausing means, that we suspend for a short time our action and that we listen for What is, Where it is located in the body and move from there as opposed to bypassing which is standing back from ourselves. This is “a meditation practice on wheels “ as one of my best teachers calls it.

Come and join Pause on a common floor and in a common dance!
Good music is going to support us in our explorations.

Price: 25 €
You can pay cash at the beginning of the class
You can use PayPal if you have an account
You can transfer 25€ on my Bank Account IBAN LU85 0024 1521 8570 0000

Wear comfortable clothes in layers, you might like also to wear socks at the beginning or during the whole class
Bring your bottle of water or tea.
… and bring your love for movement, music, your curiosity and your willingness to pause!

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