About BornToBeMoved

We are made to move. From the first breath we take, we are in motion. Every in- and ex-pire is a movement and as long as we breathe we stay in motion. This is a dance that all of us share whatever our physical condition or our mobility might be. Our body is a precious tool that allows us to take different shapes, to create movements, to go forth, to go towards, to discover the world.

But we are also moved from the inside, we are moved by our encounters, by our emotions. These momentums, these impulses of our inner self set our body in motion and create unique dances. They nourish our primary need to express ourselves through the body. This language is true!

Open Floor is a practice that invites us to get conscience of these dances of which we are the choreographers and that we do not only create in the safe space of the dance floor but that we create at any moment of our daily life.

Open Floor encourages us to move and to include in these dances everything that makes our uniqueness and everything that makes of us social beings in a world that changes and that changes us at any moment.