One-day Open Floor workshop

When: June 17th 10.00-15.00
Where: Helen’s dance, 104 av Victor Hugo
Price: 70 Euro. The full proceeds from this workshop go to the NGO Friendship Luxembourg
Registration mandatory: The number of participants is limited to 18
Please write an email to

This workshop Connected is inspired by a song called People’s faces by Kae Tempest (musician and poet) and by her last book On Connection

“Creativity is the ability to feel wonder and the desire to respond to what we find startling. Or, more simply, creativity is any act of love. Any act of making. It is usually applied to art-making, but it can also be applied to anything you do that requires your focus, skill and ingenuity.

Connection is the feeling of landing in the present tense. Fully immersed in whatever occupies you, paying close attention to the details of experience. A feeling of being absolutely located. Right here. Regardless of whether that « right here » is agitated or calm, joyous or painful.

Creative connection is the use of creativity to access and feel connection and get yourself and those with you in the moment into a more connected space.”                       On Connection

This space is on our dance floor:When we dance, we are creative. We make Art. And we are creative in community.

In dance we can satiate our hunger for solitude, being connected to ourselves.
We can satiate our hunger for connection with a dance partner.
We can satiate our hunger for belonging, being connected with the community of dancers.
We can satiate our hunger for spirit and connect with what is beyond us, whether this is nature, an energy, the universe…

We will have time for a couple of movement cycles. Sometimes I will guide you and then, the invitation is to explore on your own and follow your intuition. There is space for smooth and wild dances, moments for meditation and resting.

There will also be moments where you might write something down or draw something: impressions, emotions, thoughts… So, bring along pencil, colors, some paper or your journal in case you’d like the pencil or the colors to dance on white pages. This is another kind of dance floor, maybe you’d like to discover it and to unfold in words or images.

The full proceeds from this workshop go to the NGO Friendship Luxembourg
I am deeply connected to this organization and to the beautiful faces of our friends in Bangladesh.

Practical details:
– Please come 10 minutes earlier to the venue, so that you have time to change
– There will be a bio break of 45 minutes, so bring a little snack. There might not be enough time to have lunch outside. We can have lunch together, and you can rest if you need it.
– Bring your bottle of water
– Wear comfortable clothes in layers and you might like to bring a blanket.

I’m looking forward to meet us on the dance floor

With loving kindness,