November 26th 2022 at Helen’s dance

104 Av. Victor Hugo, 1750 Luxembourg
10:00 to 11:30

Towards … & Away

We are almost always moving towards or away from something: a feeling, a place, repetitive thoughts, pleasure, and most often, other people. Mindfully practicing the dance of towards and away, we learn to actively and honestly choose to go towards or away from anybody or anything.

We cannot live without others. Relationship is a need, much in the same way as food and water. The drive for relationship is an inner directive, with a natural cycle of being hungry, full, and then hungry again.

Sometimes we are longing for solitude, sometimes for connection with one person, sometimes for belonging to a group. And sometimes we are longing for resource and refuge in something larger than ourselves.

And maybe, sometimes we’d neither move towards nor away, but be still, without acting on our longings so that we can give ourselves greater awareness for making wise choices.

What about our boundaries?
What part of us helps us to make wise choices: Body, heart, mind or soul?
Can we trust our intuition?
Do I move away or run away?
Can a moving away, a NO to something,  be a YES to something else that we want to move towards?

So many questions…… and maybe your dance can give you some answers to what you are moving towards or away this Saturday

Come and join us on a common floor and in a common dance!
Good music is going to support us in our explorations.

Price: 25 €
You can pay cash at the beginning of the class
You can use PayPal if you have an account
You can transfer 25€ on my Bank Account IBAN LU85 0024 1521 8570 0000

Wear comfortable clothes in layers, you might like also to wear socks at the beginning or during the whole class
Bring your bottle of water or tea.
… and bring your love for movement, music, your curiosity and your willingness to move towards and away!

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