September 18th 2021, 10:00 to 11:30 at Helen’s dance


“Grounding is the movement toward connection with earth, feeling our weight and substance, rooting ourselves; how we stand on the ground, move across it, relate to it, and how we feel that connection in our body. It is a skill that supports us to be present. It is the movement of energy downward in the body that can settle us when we’re imbalanced or over-activated physically, emotionally, mentally. Moving towards ground supports our sense of safety in our bodies and in the world. Feeling grounded allows for discharge, surrender, support and solid contact with ourselves and others

In this first class, we will focus on the resource GROUND.

If we trust in the support that Ground can offer us, if our feet are well anchored in the floor, if we can feel our whole body safely rooted, than we can dare to let go, to open our wings and to explore what happens inside and outside us and to enter into relationship with those who share the floor with us.

On the dance floor, we are in a safe space, we can explore, we can try out shapes and dances and music supports us. This helps us to let go, to have fun, to sweat and to follow our instincts and our intuition. We can be true on the dance floor without shame, without fear of judgement. Everything that happens on the dance floor is confidential and stays in that space.
Therefore we can consider the dance floor as a small laboratory where we explore and practice.

And then ?
The experiences that we make on the dance floor, the experience of being grounded, well anchored, well rooted and fully present is what we need in every day life. That’s maybe the most important: to take our experience outside on the big floor, in our relationships with friends, partners, children… . We want to use that experience in our jobs and in our private lives.

Once we have embodied in our dance the sensation of being grounded, of being well rooted, once we have it in our skin, our bones, our muscles … then our body will remember when we are on the big floor of every day life. That’s when being grounded becomes a real resource, a skill that will help and support us every day when we are out of balance, over activated, overwhelmed or spaced out.

 This “new” dance floor that we will be moving on at Helen’s dance, has given support for 40 years to all kind of dancers. Let us discover it together!

Inscriptions by mail to Catherine until Friday morning 17th , 10.00 latest: Don’t forget to mention whether you have a Covid-Check certificate (3G).
If you don’t have it, come on Saturday 18th at 9.30 for a self test in the dance school.

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