First on-line class: DONE

I started with online classes on September 26th. Big first step done!

As it is still (or again) so difficult to have live classes, going online is a good possibility to continue to practice.

Of course it is not the same than to be together, to share the space of a common floor, to feel the physical loving presence of other dancers.

And of course the technical part, managing well the devices, sound and video can seem off-putting. And yet, it gives us a sense of community if we really want to cope with the situation. It is an alternative while we all are waiting for better times.

For me it was a real challenge to overcome my “technical fears” and I’m happy and grateful for the support that I got from other teachers who gave me the skills for starting zoom online classes. I’m sure that I will be more and more at ease with that. And I hope that the same is true for participants.

I’m grateful that Françoise has been assisting me and continues to support me for my classes.

We are going to offer online classes during the next weeks:

October 10th 10.00-11.30

October 24th 10.00-11.30

November 7th 10-11.30

November 21st 10-11.30

And what about joining or inviting a friend at home for the online session?
If we can’t dance in the bigger community, dancing in twos or maybe three people who know each other might be a good option to the solo dance J

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