June 4th at Helen’s dance

104 Av. Victor Hugo, 1750 Luxembourg


Take a partner …. ?

At the core of Open Floor philosophy is the understanding that “we are in relationship”. We are in relationship not only with each other, and ourselves but also with animals, land, art, ancestry, and the entire natural world.

In our dance practice we speak of the four relational hungers: for solitude, for connection, for belonging, for spirit.

In any given moment we may feel one hunger in the foreground, others in the background. We may show up on the dance floor one week wanting nothing more than to dance on our own without interruption, and the next week we’re excited to connect with other dancers.

And in daily life it’s exactly the same: sometimes we want to be alone with ourselves, sometimes we want to be in connection with another person, sometimes we prefer to share time in a larger group.

This Saturday we are going to explore the resource Towards and Away:
moving towards a dancer or moving away…
Being aware of what we need or want and have permission to make choices is most important. Sometimes we do not dare to get into a relationship , be in connection, or we do not want to dance in a group. And that is perfectly ok. Towards and away is giving and taking: giving a Yes or a No and taking a Yes or a No. Without any judgement!

That’s why we need boundaries. Boundaries allow us to move safely on the floor. Boundaries create clarity. Boundaries are not excluding, they are including. They allow us to kindly communicate our intentions to the other dancers. We dare to say YES and we dare to say NO.

Inscriptions by mail to Catherine  celvinger@pt.lu

Price: 25 €
You can pay cash at the beginning of the class
You can use PayPal if you have an account
You can transfer 25€ on my Bank Account IBAN LU85 0024 1521 8570 0000

Wear comfortable clothes in layers, you might like also to wear socks at the beginning or during the whole class
Bring your bottle of water or tea
… and the willingness and courage to move towards and away…

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