March 25th at Helen’s dance

104 Av. Victor Hugo, 1750 Luxembourg

PAUSE: “It needs the space in between what is otherwise filled. “
(Fleur Sakura Wöss)

This is the Japanese character for MA.

Ma can be translated as pause, free space, gap, emptiness, nothingness, time out.

The frame on the outside represents a gateway. The box on the left and on the right with the line extended downwards look like revolving doors. This character can also stand alone and means gate. Inside the gate, below and almost enclosed by the two gate wings, so between them, is a square with a horizontal line, the sign for the sun. It is therefore a gate through which the sun shines. What a wonderful image!

The gate is something to touch. If you leave it open and a space opens up, the rays of light and warmth can flow through. It is a material frame and limitation at the same time and the prerequisite for fullness to arise. Only when it is open can one pass through. It needs both: the limitation and the space in between.

In our Open Floor practice, Pause is an alive and receptive state where our larger outer physical movements cease and we can become aware of subtler physical, emotional, mind, or soul states.
– When we pause we bring our full attention to the moment, to breath, to sensing and feeling.
It is different than a stop. To stop infers to end or cut something off. In pause we simply quiet our movement so we can turn our attention to energy and vibration.
– When we are physically very active, a mindful pause allows us to notice what body part is particularly tense or fragile. We can avoid injuries.
– When we are overwhelmed, a mindful pause can help us to track emotion as a movement of energy in our body.
– When we are busy in our mind with plenty of ideas and « to do lists » a mindful pause allows us sort out what is really important and what needs attention here and now.
AND: a mindful pause, allows us to quiet and hear our soul. Soul is a whisperer and if we can’t quiet us enough, we can’t hear it.

Pausing means, that we suspend for a short time our action our dance and that we listen for What is, Where it is located in the body and move from there as opposed to bypassing which is standing back from ourselves. This is “a meditation practice on wheels “ as one of my best teachers calls it.

Let’s embark on the journey of the space in between.
Good music is going to support us in our explorations.
I’m looking forward to our dances and our pauses

“Between the stimulus and the response there is a space, and in this space lies our power and our freedom.” (Viktor Frankel)

Unfortunately you can’t register for this class anymore. We have a full house! The dance studio has its limits. Thank you for your understanding.

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