March 4th at Helen’s dance

104 Av. Victor Hugo, 1750 Luxembourg

The Atlas of the Heart:
Places we go when we feel wronged

In her Atlas of the Heart, Brené Brown takes us to the “Places we go when we feel wronged»: Anger might be one of the places in our heart where I, you, we go…

Anger is an action emotion: we want to do something to solve the issue and it can really vary in intensity from mild irritation to fury and rage. Behind this anger, there can be so many masked or unaware other feelings., that we might not recognize and even less name…

Anger can be the most passionate response to experiencing or witnessing injustice! An yet this might annoy those we live with. “There are a lot of coded shame messages in the rhetoric of “Why so hostile?” “Don’t get hysterical”, or “don’t take it so personally” (Brené Brown)

We all have the right and we need to feel our anger because it’s part of our human experiences. And:

“Anger is a catalyst. Holding on to it will make us exhausted and sick. Internalizing anger will take away our joy and spirit; externalizing anger will make us less effective in our attempts to create change and forge connection. It’s an emotion that we need to transform into something live-giving: courage, love, change, compassion, justice.” (Brené Brown)

And the dance, the movement in all that? It’s essential!

Movement is the pathway to what we are struggling with
Movement is the medicine that sets in motion the obsessions inside our minds
Movement is the clew for transformation, for dissolving what’s eating away at us, what’s gnawing at our minds and souls
Movement is the way to lightness and change

What is your movement, your dance going to be this Saturday?
What do you need?
What might help you?

I suggest that we invite our anger … for a dance this Saturday!

AND: THE CENTER will hold!…
if and only if we can feel the edges!

Once we are centered, we can dare to be in relationship with our own insecurity.
Remember what we danced these last Saturdays:
Center is a conversation, it’s constantly moving. We get off center, we get in again, we get off, we get in!

Come and join us in a common dance on a common floor!
Good music is going to support us in our explorations

Price: 25 €
You can pay cash at the beginning of the class
You can use PayPal if you have an account
You can transfer 25€ on my Bank Account IBAN LU85 0024 1521 8570 0000 Wear comfortable clothes in layers, you might like also to wear socks at the beginning or during the whole class
Bring your bottle of water or tea
… and the curiosity and the willingness to have a conversation with anger.

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