September 17th 2022 at Helen’s dance

104 Av. Victor Hugo, 1750 Luxembourg


(Re)discover and welcome the floor

For some of us the Saturday morning dance has become a regular practice and for some of us it might just be the beginning.
This Saturday, we will (re)discover the floor that gives us hold however smooth or wild our dances might be.
Moving towards ground supports our sense of safety in our bodies and in the world. Feeling grounded allows for discharge, surrender, support and solid contact with ourselves and others.
To trust this ground is resourcing, reassuring and soothing.
And that’s what we need when we face the world in daily life!

An inscription by mail to Catherine is welcome but you can also come on the spot.

Price: 25 €
You can pay cash at the beginning of the class
You can use PayPal if you have an account
You can transfer 25 € on my Bank Account IBAN LU85 0024 1521 8570 0000 at the BIL. Wear comfortable clothes in layers, you might like also to wear socks at the beginning or during the whole class
Bring your bottle of water or tea
… and the curiosity of (re)discovering the floor…

Looking forward to welcome you on the floor
Catherine with Françoise

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