3rd day sessions

This was my last session with the children from the char schools.

That’s why I had decided that we would dance around the theme of JOY, keeping in mind the resource Expand And Contract from yesterday. We can use the body to express emotional sensations in a small, contained way, and then give them wide-open expression, then pull back in again.

Happy, sweaty dancers

The children like to dance with polarities. And it was not difficult to explain them (with the help of the translator) that in daily life we cannot – or don’t want always – to demonstrate our joy with big movements or laughter, but that we can and want also to express joy in small.

We started with a short warm up and went through the body parts. After setting context we made exercises in lines, as most of them really appreciate this. The circle is also very much appreciated because it gives them the possibility to show up and to be seen as an individual dancer but supported by the community.

The atmosphere was again very good. Some of them got a bit tired of dancing, It was the third day of dancing and though some of them like to dance they prefer to sing for example.

Their enthusiasm doesn’t find the same expression:  The girls don’t always seem to be joyful or enthusiastic but this is for a great part due to their culture and education. The boys are much more demonstrative, extroverted. They are less shy, dare to stand up, speak much more and love to make jokes.

At the end of the session, we sat down and we asked them for feedback.

Some of them just loved everything. Others said that they appreciated very much but in general that they prefer singing to dancing.

It was interesting to hear that all the girls loved it, even if they were bit more reserved. And yet, dance brings them out of their shell and they become almost voluble. They appreciated the exercises a lot!

Quite a lot among them liked the relaxation part. We hadn’t done very much of it, I could have done more.

All in all they were more than positive about this new experience.

This is very important for me: If Friendship Bangladesh considers this movement training as beneficial for selected target groups, I would love to deepen the project, elaborate sessions and come back to Bangladesh for conscious movement sessions.

I said I came here to sound the ground. I did and I am keen on going on

In the late morning, Robert had a session with the Char Theatre Group. His goal was to show the energy that rises from practicing music together and to share his passion with the community. He is an amazing facilitator: he triggers everyone and the atmosphere in the room was energetic and full of playfulness.

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